Alta Vista Elementary School

Dogs on Campus

Dogs are NOT allowed on campus

Keep Pooches at Home: 

A kind reminder, dogs are not allowed on our school grounds, this includes the front waiting areas of campus and all interior and exterior surrounding areas. This Redondo Beach Municipal Code is a policy in effect by the city, not only for the cleanliness of our campus, but for the safety of our students. Please note, our sidewalks near valet are included in the waiting area, and we ask that you do not bring your dog onto campus and then tie them to a tree.

The Redondo Beach Municipal Code addresses this issue as follows: (Click Here) 5-1.602 School Grounds
 Dogs, with or without a leash, are hereby prohibited on any portion of any public school grounds, except organized pet shows, vaccination clinics, and obedience schools which may be authorized from time to time by the public school administrator, Seeing Eye dogs, dogs used in law enforcement activities, and any other dogs authorized by the public school administrator. (§ 3, Ord. 2471, eff. September 3, 1987)