Alta Vista Elementary School

Instrumental Music

5th Grade Instrumental Music teacher, Mrs. Zoeteway

Fifth grade is going to be an exciting time for your child!  They will be entering their last year as an elementary student and will face the challenge of preparing themselves to enter a new chapter in their life in middle school.  As a fifth grader at Alta Vista your child will be eligible to participate in the school band.  The Redondo Beach Unified School District provides free band lessons to all interested students who wish to learn the flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, or trombone.  Band lessons meet twice a week during the regular school day and no previous musical experience is required.  In addition to the weekly lessons, elementary students can request a Band Buddy (a middle or high school band student) for outside tutoring. 

Instruments are to be supplied by the students; our local music stores offer excellent rental/purchase plans.  A limited number of school instruments are available for scholarship students.

Participating in the school band program is a fun and rewarding opportunity for students.  We have at least three performances throughout the year and participating in elementary band better prepares students for band in middle and high school.

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