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School Psychologist - LIFT

Troccoe, Jen Staff

Room 30

Carmichael, Amanda Teacher
Gomez, Anjali Teacher

Room 31

Roesler, Birgit Teacher

room 32

Balderas, Joanne Teacher
Hutchison, Sandra (310) 798-8650 ex.3228 LIFT

Room 34

Harder, Kara (310) 798-8650 ex.3112 Speech-Language Pathologist
Williams, Jori Speech-Language Pathologist

Room 35

Chiverton, Kate Occupational Therapist
Dilicchio, Gina Occupational Therapist
Soohoo, Janet Occupational Therapist
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What is LIFT?

LIFT is the RBUSD special education program for children ages 3-5 with special needs. It consists of 6 special educators, 2 speech and language pathologists, an occupational therapist, and adaptive physical education teacher, and multiple instructional support staff. The LIFT program, (Learning Is Fun Together) is a program designed specifically for individual students with disabilities that ensures exposure to the general education curriculum while still providing instruction in areas of need using the research based “Creative Curriculum” to address areas of delay. Children are introduced to learning in literacy, mathematics, social science, science, and music on a weekly basis with early exposure to the Houghton-Mifflin curriculum adopted by RBUSD for general education in Kindergarten.

If you are concerned about your three, or four, year old child, please contact Ms. Birgit Roesler the lead teacher-in-charge (see link below.) She will be more than happy to explain the assessment process, eligibility criteria, and program to you. All children are learners regardless of limitations or delays. At LIFT, these children make strides amongst their same age typical peers with the end goal always being mainstream opportunities or inclusion in the general education setting by kindergarten 

LIFT Brochure

Please download our Preschool Programs and Assessment Team brochure here.

For Questions Contact:

Roesler, Birgit Teacher